Why Choose Cliffhanger?
• 45 Years Experience • Large Work Force • State Wide
Service • Dependable • Full Service Company • Picture
I.D.'s • Extensive Safety Training Program and References.

Orlando / Tampa: 407.239.0811 Jacksonville: 904.396.6416
Miami: 305.887.0700 Toll Free: 800.940.2543

Cliffhanger offers pressure cleaning services to its clients. Not only will we shine and sparkle your windows, but we will also pressure clean any vertical surface to its original grandeur. We offer our pressure cleaning services for commercial and highrise structures. We can provide both hot and cold power washing and will advise which is best for you on our initial visit.

  • Window Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Window Replacement & Caulking
  • Light Bulb Replacement & Maintenance
  • Waterproofing